Olwood Skateboards

Have you ever been driving along and saw an old, falling down barn or house and thought: 
"I could use this wood to make a gnarly skateboard?" No? Oh, well I thought it was a cool idea. The Olwood Skateboard company uses reclaimed and recycled wood (from abandoned buildings and unused timber) to make the most amazing skateboards anybody has ever laid eyes on.

The Ol' Rabble Rousing

This ametuer skating competition is more radical than bingo night at an old folks home. The Ol' Rabble Rousing is Olwoods attempt to connect with local skating communities, as well as a means to promote themselves by sponsoring local talent. Below is a press kit that includes a DVD of the olwood skate team, a brochure about the event, and little finger boards with Olwood designs on them. Also present in the pictures are invites to participants and some dirty old wheels.

This brochure to the right is the accordian folded paper that you see in the photograph above. It basically provided detail on the event. This slide shows both sides in a 2D format (obviously).

The posters to the left would be promotional pieces that would hang up at skateparks and skate shops. It also details the competitions, though this time it's more directed at spectators and not the press.