There are many bands in the world, but very few are as storied and prolific as The Band. With a timeline marked by success, turmoil, and sometimes tragedy - each album carried a story of the times. Each release often featured new members, evolving musical styles, and of course a bit of drama.

This 50th anniversary set contains the entire discography of The Band, from 1968 to 1998. Each album sleeve features a list of the members at the time and a brief summary of what was going on in their lives. 

The album covers hold two 12" vinyl records records and open like a book. The outside featuring imagery taken at the time of the album's release, overlaid with the color scheme of the original album art upon initial release. The white pages below are the inside of the cover and feature info about the Band during the release of that specific album.

This type face was created to work with the circle motif that can be seen on the album covers.
It's called Levon in honor of the Bands drummer: Levon Helm.