Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. It's not a bird or a plane - It's the Justice League themed cars from Hendricks MotoSports!

In November of 2017, Warner Brothers Studios lent the powers of the Justice League to Hendrick Motorsport drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne for the AAA Texas 500.

The heroes came to life on the cars in a big way, featuring action-packed character photography and designs inspired by each hero's attributes and costume design.

Scale models of the cars were created and sold by Lionel Racing. Merchandise such as t-shirts and hats were also sold, which feature the cars as well.

This video, which was produced by Hendrick Motorsports, gives a complete view of the designs, rendered on 3D models. 

These images are actually of the scale diecast models of the cars, produced by Lionel Racing.

Promotional images courtesy of Hendrick Motosports.