The following youtube videos were all parts of different school projects and were either animated by me, or edited by me.

This was meant to be a brief video ad that would appear on youtube for my fictional company: Olwood. The company uses reclaimed wood to make skateboards. 

This was all animated in flash, and I provided the voice acting.

Olwood Ad

This was the video inviation for the senior portfolio show for SU's Communications Design program. I did not shoot the actual footage, but I did edit together the clips, did the text, and all of the other post production.

I did have a hand in thinking up some of the scenes and concepts though.

Portfolio Show

These three animations were a part of class-wide project where we worked to promote the Delphic Games coming to Syracuse. The Delphics are like the olympics of the arts,and they were considering bringing the youth version of it to Syracuse. So, these videos were an effort to describe what the games were, what the organization stood for, and what the events were.



On this first video, I did the audio production along with the animation. The paino clips were done by a classmate, and I remixed them to create the upbeat portion of the song.

Delphic Games

The mascot Delphie was also created by me. At first he was merely a placeholder, but it kind of grew on the class and he evolved to be the mascot. He appears in various promotional materials for the games. I voice acted for the character as well.

I actually did all of the little watercolor illustrations in this video, scanned them in, and animated them in Flash.