Shoddy Doc

Have you ever turned on the news, got freaked out about the latest disease outbreak, then hopped on to WebMD to check the symptoms? A lot of people seem to do that now-a-days, and news outlets love to hype up crazy diseases that nobody really gets. Shoddy Doc makes light of all this hysteria with parody news articles and fake self-diagnosis. 

This is a super long screenshot of what one of the scrolling pages would look like all together. Sorry if this took forever to load.

In theory, the website would be paralax scrolling, which is why the slideshow is on a verticle transition. 

These DIY kits would be sold online at the Shoddy Doc website as prescriptions to whatever illness the doc says you have. They would also be found at novelty stores like Spencers or Hot Topic. Below are a few products that would be in each kit.

The Medication Kit includes: A prescription pad, a booster shot glass, and "totally not" sugar pills.

The Surgery Kit includes: a Swiss* Army Scalpel, Wounded Ego Bandages, and Surgical Eye Mask
(so you don't get blood in your eyes, of course!).

These posters would be found outside of whatever novelty store they were being sold in (Spencers, Hot Topic, etc.)