(I'm the guy, the dog is Rosemary)

About me

I'm originally from Ilion, NY but I currently reside on Long Island. I graduated with a BFA in Communications Design from Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts. I began freelancing for clients in 2013 as a side hustle, but eventually I was able to expand my business into a full time gig. Now, I work with numerous clients in different industries: from small non-profits, to publicly traded companies and even musical artists. I consider myself to be a creative "jack of all trades," in that I can do pretty much anything creative and design related: branding, social media, web design, publication design, and presentation design.

What else? I dabble in illustration a bit, I like comics and graphic novels, I like to hang out with my buddies, I'm into craft beers, I go camping and hiking with my dog Rosemary.

This is beginning to sound like a personal ad.

I think I'll stop here.